Our Heritage

Located in the wonderful rural Forest of Bowland

Bowland Fresh

Our farms are located in the Bowland Forest. Encompassing an area of 312 square miles the forest is a recognised area of outstanding beauty which means that it is protected by the Government for future generations.

Bowland takes its name from ‘Bous Land’ which means the ‘land of cattle’ – and for more than 1400 years the green, lush pastures have been home to the finest dairy herds. Bowland Fresh milk, the main ingredient in our cheeses is the freshest, tastiest milk from the heart of rural Lancashire.

Bowland Fresh milk is collected daily from specially selected family farms in a dedicated tanker and bottled locally which all forms part of our sustainable approach – local milk produced and bottled for use in our delicious cheese.

Our core values are

Bowland Cheddar Cheese